Budlist A


Bali Adventure Rafting

Ayung River Valley, Ubud. Tel: +62361721480   www.baliadventuretours.com
Long-established Bali adventure tours operator with activities ranging from river kayaking, white water rafting, jungle trekking and mountain cycling, as well as the Bali Elephant Safari Park at Taro. Their white water rafting has been relocated further upstream, to enjoy a longer and more exclusive stretch of water with the facilities and access being better bar none not only in Indonesia and Asia, possibly the best white water rafting concern in the world!

Bali Bird Walks

Campuhan. Tel: +62361975009   www.balibirdwalk.com
Join Su-made (and if you’re lucky the one-and-only Victor Mason) on a well-informed and delightful bird walk around the Campuhan hills.

Sobek Bali Utama

Jl. Raya Tebongkang No. 33. Tel: +62361287059   www.balisobek.com
Established in 1989, Sobek Bali Utama was the first adventure tour company of its kind on the island and continues to offer excellent rafting, cycling and eco trail tours in Bali.


Kusia Gallery

Jl. Raya Sanggingan No. 99X. Tel: +62361973113   kmsgenset-hydac.com
Fascinating and long- established shop dealing with Balinese cultural artifacts.

The Shop, Sayan

Jl. Raya Sayan No. 52, Br. Kutuh. Tel: +62361973508   www.ShopatTheShop.com
With a 15th century reclining Buddha marble statue as the piece de resistance, the artifacts, antiques and relics at The Shop have been knowledgeably hand-sourced from around the region as well as all corners of Asia and around the world. Situated near Ubud, Bali’s artistic hub, The Shop never fails to open your eyes, to captivate and to tantalize you with a wonderful sense of the beauty in the carefully selected objects.

Art Galleries & Museums

3 Brothers + 1

Jl. Raya Kedewatan. Tel: +6281338745650
The Balinese artist family of Nyoman Budiarta, Ketut Budiarsa, Wayan Piadnya and Made Budiana, stands together as an inspiring lesson in the power of art to heal and overcome limitations.

Adi’s Art Studio & Gallery

Jl. Bisma 102. Tel: +62361977104
Featuring an eclectic mix of sculptures, paintings and ready-made objets d’art by artist Adi Bachmann and a number of talented Balinese artists.

Agung Rai Fine Art Gallery

Peliatan. Tel: +62361975449   www.agungraigallery.com
Selected works of fine art picked by owner Agung Rai for what he describes as a “spiritual connection he feels between a painting and himself”. Open daily from 9am to 6pm.

Agung Rai Museum of Art – ARMA

Jl. Bima, Pengosekan, Ubud. Tel: +62361974228   www.armamuseum.com
One of the most distinguished museums in Bali (and for very good reason), ARMA, or Agung Rai Museum of Art in full, exhibits works by many of the island’s celebrated names including Spies, Bonnet, Hofker and Affandi. This museum has been properly curated and is well stocked with fabulous artwork ordered in a way that sheds light on Bali’s artistic culture from many different perspectives. Open daily from 9am to 6pm, except holidays.

Antonio Blanco Renaissance Museum

Jl. Raya Campuhan. Tel: +62361975502   www.blancomuseum.com
Dedicated to the life and work of the late Filipino artist Antonio Blanco (and curated by his artistic son Mario), this intriguing museum space includes the artist’s original studio, gardens, aviaries and family temple. Open daily from 9am to 5pm.

Gaya ArtSpace

Jl. Raya Sayan. Tel: +62361979252   www.gayafusion.com
High concept space offering major exhibitions by both international and local artists featuring contemporary art, paintings, performance, installations and sculptures.

Genta Gallery

Jl. Raya Lodtunduh No.1. Tel: +62361978272   www.museumrudana.com/gentagallery
International art collectors, painters, performers and travellers alike acclaim Genta’s fine art collection. Part of the Museum Rudana art empire.

Han Snel Gallery

Jl Kajeng. Tel: +62361975699   www.hansnelbungalow.com
View the works of one of Indonesia’s most celebrated foreign artists, Han Snel. Lovingly run by his widow Siti, the Han Snel Gallery is located in the grounds of the bungalow complex opened by the artist.

Hanna Art Space

Jl Raya Pengosekan, Peliatan. Tel: +62361978216
With an accent on artists from Surabaya, Hanna Art Space intends to uncover the ‘underdog’ of art by bringing new and creative art to the visual forefront of Ubud’s gallery walls.

Infinity Gallery

Upper Monkey Forest Road. Tel: +62361972500   www.liquid-art-gallery.com
Infinity Gallery displays “Liquid Art”, which is ultra high-speed photography of fluids in motion. The time- freezing method allows you to see hidden wonders of the natural world. Think of it as a visual spa, in a modern and elegant gallery setting. Open daily from 9am to 10pm. Free entry.

Komaneka Gallery

Jl. Monkey Forest. Tel: +62361976090   www.gallery.komaneka.com
Komaneka Fine Art Gallery features unique work by young Indonesian and overseas artists with ‘vision’ and an accent on kontemporer. It was built in 1996 with the aim of sharing the experience of living with art. Young contemporary artists exhibit their canvases and installations to those who stay at the resort and those who pop in or walk by the gallery. Keep an eye out for it as you walk towards Ubud Palace on the right-hand side of Monkey Forest road.

Museum Puri Lukisan

Jl Raya Ubud. Tel: +62361975136   www.museumpurilukisan.com
Bali’s first museum features exquisite examples of Balinese art styles in drawing, painting and wood carving. Museum Puri Lukisan was established in 1954 and boasts among its past curators the artist Rudolf Bonnet. Open daily 8am to 4pm except holidays.

Museum Rudana

Jl. Cok Rai Pudak No. 44 Peliatan, Ubud. Tel: +62361975779   www.museumrudana.com
Museum Rudana boasts an excellent collection of Balinese and other Indonesian fine arts by the likes of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, Affandi, Supono and Antonio Blanco in an elaborate new gallery that stands in its own grounds. Open Mon-Sat 9am to 5pm and on Sundays from midday to 5pm.

Neka Museum

Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud. Tel: +62361975074   www.museumneka.com
One of Ubud’s oldest and best established galleries, Neka Museum features all the greats from Ubud’s art world in a traditional Balinese setting with a fabulous ravine view. Open daily 8am to 5pm except holidays.

Nyoman Sumerta Fine Art Gallery

Banjar Teges, Peliatan. Tel: +62361975267   www.sumerta-gallery.com
Highlights the richness of ideas and imagination of Indonesian artists with an emphasis on local Balinese painting.

Oracle Gallery

Jl. Raya Sanggingan. Tel: +62361978611   www.sculpturebyfilippos.com
The gallery of Greek sculptor and Ubud resident Filippos, Oracle is an artist’s dreamscape inspired by the creative imaginings of one of Ubud’s most flamboyant sculptors.

Pranoto’s Art Gallery

Jl. Tirta Tawar No. 34, Kutuh Kelod. Tel: +62361970827   www.age.jp/~pranoto
Pranoto’s Art Gallery is a lively, active place in the heart of the Bali arts community. Hosts life-drawing model sessions, exhibitions and a large fine art collection of paintings by Indonesian and international artists.

Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women

Jl. Sriwidari 2B. Tel: +62361975485   www.seniwatigallery.com
Seniwati supports and showcases more than 70 female artists with a wide variety of styles and also houses a shop for and about women, from where you can buy crafts, some of them
by artists who exhibit in the gallery.

Sika Contemporary Art Gallery

Jl. Raya Campuhan. Tel: +62361975727   www.sikagallery.info
Artist curator I. Wayan Sika and his contemporaries of the Sanggar Dewata Artist Association, seek to push the visual arts envelope at this gallery, which condemns modem commercial art as “too sweet, like candy”.

Symon Studios

Jl. Raya Campuhan. Tel:   www.symonstudios.com
A Campuhan landmark for over a quarter century, Symon’s somewhat rakish Ubud Studio is the original Art Zoo. The artist has lived in Bali since 1978 and is best known for his bold portraits of sensual young Balinese men.

Tanah Tho

Jl. Raya Lodtunduh. Tel: +62361981482   www.tanahtho.com
Owned and curated by Dewa Gede Putrawan, owner of the popular Ibu Rai Restaurant, Tanah Toh Art Studio was built with passion and with the aim of bringing art enthusiasts and artists into a single community. The gallery showcases pieces of great energy, spirit and highlight the dynamic relationship between the artist and the canvas.

Tony Raka Art Gallery

Jl. Raya Mas No. 86. Tel: +623617816785   www.tonyrakaartgallery.com
One of Ubud’s prominent art galleries – and art characters – is Tony Raka. Respected by artists and collectors alike, he is an enthusiastic promoter of contemporary Balinese and Indonesian art. Tony Raka’s is a gallery for people who like the questions art poses. Apart from a large modern building where the permanent collection hangs, there is a vast Balinese pavilion for temporary exhibitions and a new exhibition building. Both the gallery and the gardens, festooned with orchids, are well worth a visit.

W. Gallery

Jl.Bisma #3. Tel: +62361977978
Art for conservation. The W. Gallery was established in July 2007 as an effort to raise money for conservation through artwork. The gallery hosts local Balinese artists who have committed to donating a percentage of every sale to support the work of FNPF.